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Piano moving can be dangerous if not performed by a skilled, experianced mover. There are numerous factors to consider when moving a piano. We want to know what kind of piano you have. Whether it's a spinet or grand piano or any other kind, in between, we need to know so that we can be best prepared to move your piano. Not sure what kind of piano you have? Check out the chart below, so you will know when you call.



Types of Pianos Spinet Baby Grand Piano Grand Piano Square Grand Piano Upright Piano Player Piano Organ Types of Pianos: Spinet, Baby Grand, Grand, Square Grand, Upright, Player, and Organ. A Console is similar to a Spinet.

Due to certain obstacles, extra labor or equipment may be needed to move your piano. In order to give an accurate estimate, we need to know the moving obstacles. For instance, if its going up three flights of stairs we will need proper equipment and man power. So we need to be aware ahead of time of any of the following:

Number of stairs going in or out of either residence?
Have your floors been recently refinished?
Is it going into or out of a residence with a split foyer?
Has your piano been recently refinished?


We strive to give accurate and reasonably priced estimates.
You can call or email for your free estimate.


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